The Northfield Area Chamber of Commerce (NAC) is the home-grown business hub for Whitmore lake and the Northfield Township area, in southeastern Michigan.

North of Ann Arbor and south of Brighton, the Northfield Township area has a wonderful balance of new and old, of growing tech and industry along with a history of dinner trains and hospitality, small-scale farming and food production. Today you will find NAC members in programming, light industry, animal care, hospitality, marketing, retail, restaurants, and many other fields.

As a Chamber, our mission is to contribute to the outstanding quality of life our residents enjoy every day. We're committed to building a stronger business community and a better standard of living for all residents of Whitmore Lake and the Northfield Township region.

We invite you to join us — either at one of the public events we host, or as a business member and networker. The Chamber board of directors meets on the first Wednesday of each month — everybody is welcome to attend, share ideas on building a thriving business community, and learning about one another.